Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy February 14th!

I don't count myself among those who despise Valentine's Day, but I do count myself among those who regard it suspiciously - a Hallmark holiday designed to entice people to part with their money. That said, I am all in favor of any excuse to make a special meal or to drink champagne. We usually never go out to eat on Valentine's Day itself, though we have been known to go out near Valentine's Day. That's because so many restaurants are not only way too over-crowded, but because they often have "special" menus which, to us, only means we can't order what we really want.

We are waiting until Saturday for our special meal, but tonight we did pop open a bottle of champagne and had some delicious homemade linguine with white clam sauce. We conveniently had two bottles leftover from New Year's and decided to open one tonight and save one for Saturday.

It's late and it's time for bed, so I'm keeping it short and sweet. Hope you all had a nice February 14th, no matter what your feelings on Valentine's Day.

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