Monday, January 30, 2006

VRC, Indian food blogs, and a great meal

First, I wanted to make sure that everyone noticed the addition to January Virtual Recipe Club (VRC) - Cyndi from cookin' with cyndi had emailed me her recipes earlier on, but then she changed her blog and the links no longer worked. Today we got it all straightened out. Good thing too - looks like she had some yummy contributions! Thanks Cyndi.

Kalyn from Kalyn's Kitchen has suggested sticking to the month-long format. I'm torn. I think I'll wait until the end of the week to see what the round-up looks like and then decide. A month seems too long, but perhaps a week isn't enough time. I'm not dead-set on either one, so let's just see what works best for everyone else.

Just a gentle reminder that if you do want me to post something from your archives (in other words, you're not creating a post just for this event), it would be very helpful if you could still include a quick reference and link to this event somewhere in your blog. The more exposure this gets, the more recipes we'll have to drool over! Thanks!

Now on to dinner....

I have been discovering some fantastic Indian blogs and am positively salivating not only over the food they write about, but also the gorgeous pictures. One example is Mahanandi. If you have not checked this blog out, you must - the pictures are just gorgeous. I truly envy all of you talented photographers out there - I can only dream of being able to take such beautiful photos.

I have also been chatting via email with Sailu from Sailu's Foods. She has been kind enough to answer some questions I had about curry and even recommended a spinach dish to go with something I was making for tonight. I didn't make it to the store to buy spinach, but I will certainly be filing the recipe away for later and will report back when I do get around to making it. Thanks Sailu!

Photo from Martha Stewart

Curried Shrimp

I don't know how the curry dish I made tonight compares with the recipes that these lovely ladies have on their blogs (I hope to find out soon by trying a few), but we thought it was very good. It was very easy to throw together and nutritious to boot. All the makings of a great meal. I have been "accused" by Alana over at A Veggie Venture of being a "sneaky mom" and tonight was no exception. Since I didn't make it to the store for spinach, I had to find a way to sneak in some vegetables. I added red bell pepper and frozen peas to the shrimp curry to bump up the nutrition. Both boys liked the dish quite well (DH raved), but the youngest filled up on his naan from Trader Joe's and didn't finish his. I will definitely make this dish again and again - it was so easy and delicious, without much fuss.


  1. Hi Alysha,

    Thanks for your kind words about my blog. I really appreciate it.

    I'll definitely send a recipe from my archives for your event. Because of too many events, it's becoming difficult to participate in everything and your event completely skipped my radar.

  2. I know. I have had to pick and choose events too. That's why I'm trying to keep this pretty simple. You participation is welcome and appreciated whenever you have the time. :)

  3. Hey Alysha!

    I have a soup for you on my blog. I have referenced your site a few times. Here's a link for you.

    Hmm. Not sure if that will work.

  4. Thanks Erika - I'll file your link for later this week. :)

  5. Hi Alysha! I'm disappointed :o(

    i was eager to participate in the weekly event, now I have to wait a month!!

    Do check out my blog, it has lots of Indian food recipes and tips!