Sunday, January 01, 2006

Today's Recipes

I started off the day by taking my new waffle iron for a spin. I got this waffle maker so that I could make something besided Belgian waffles - especially for pumpkin waffles which never seemed to fully cook without getting overly brown. I also decided that the last recipe I tried was less than satisfactory. As one reader said, they had a strange bitter taste - they were okay, but I knew they could be better.

My MIL has a recipe for great pumpkin waffles, but when I dug it out, I saw that it called for 1½ sticks of butter! Now, I don't insist on low-fat necessarily, but I do try to avoid gratuitous amounts of fat. If a great-tasting product can be achieved with less fat, I'm all for it. In the end, I tinkered with her recipe - cutting the fat (from 1½ sticks to a ½ stick), subbing one cup of whole wheat flour of one of the cups of white, cutting the eggs from 4 to 3, adding a bit more sugar, adding cloves and subbing ginger for coriander. I was a little nervous - trying out a new, untried recipe on a new, untried waffle iron - could be a recipe for disaster! I'm pleased to report that our experiment was a success.

The waffle iron did a great job on the waffles. It has a light that turns green when the waffle iron is heated and also when the waffles are finished cooking. It also has a variable setting for browning the waffles. The waffles were light, browned nicely on the outside without being underdone in the middle and tasted great. Now I have to decide if they are fine as is, or if they could be even better with more tinkering......maybe a slight increase in the spices......

After making the waffles, I had a 1/2 can of pumpkin left so I decided to search for and try a whole grain pumpkin muffin recipe. I found a recipe online, made a few minor adjustments and the end results were quite good. The molasses in the recipe gives them a molasses/spice cookie sort of flavor - they are also very moist and tender. After baking the first pan, I decided to add raisins - definitely a worthwhile addition and I wish I had thought to add raisins to the whole batch.
This is a simple, wonderful soup. I made it full fat - recipes that have only a few ingredients rely heavily on the flavor of each and every ingredient, so I was hesitant to cut back on the butter or cream. It was a big hit with DH who said that he wasn't just tolerating the soup (he "only tolerates" quite a few vegetables), but was loving it. The boys both liked it as well - always a big bonus. The soup almost wasn't - my first bag of peas turned out to be quite old - apparently they'd been sitting in the freezer a lot longer than I thought! Fortunately DH was kind enough to make a last minute run for some fresh bags and boy, what a difference. See for yourself....
Stay tuned for more recipes tomorrow. Don't know what yet, but there will be something cooking.....


  1. First off, those peas look absolutely horrid. The second bag is better ;).

    The soup looks great! I might try making it with Emma since she loves soup and peas.

  2. Aren't the awful? :-D They were dehydrated and shriveled too. Ew!