Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Soup Night (1/25/06)

The brain is functioning a bit better today. At the very least, I had the motivation to get to the grocery store and to get back into the kitchen. It's another rushed day, so this will be a rushed post so that I can get the kitchen cleand up and get into bed at a reasonable hour.

This tomato soup is very good. I could not bring myself to use the full amount of butter (I used about half) and did not use any cream (I substituted 2% because I needed to use some up, but it's great without any milk products). I served the soup with red grapes and whole grain bread spread with leftover pesto.


  1. That looks delicious! I'm so excited to try a creamy soup recipe! TO me, it's not good if it's not creamy;)
    And pesto on bread sounds great too!

  2. Hi Mona. It didn't turn out very creamy with the 2%, but I'm sure half and half or cream would make a big difference. I'd like to try it full-fat sometime, but I wanted something healthier last night.