Thursday, December 01, 2005

Still here....

...still cooking...just not posting.

It's hard to find the time these days. I think part of it is having our computer in the basement - doesn't feel as comfortable or as accesible. Maybe that's because the office/guest room is still pretty messy. I'll try to work on it this weekend to make it feel more relaxing.

Not being on the computer so much is a GOOD thing really - I spent far too much time on it before moving. However, I'd like to find a little more time than I'm spending now - there's got to be a happy middle somewhere.

Anyway, I've been cooking, but it's been off-the-cuff kind of stuff without real recipes. Tuesday night I made a beef stew, very loosely based on this recipe from Cooking Light. The stew came out quite nicely, but it was missing something and I can't figure out what was missing. Last night I made a shrimp dish to use up some tomato paste. The sauce consisted of olive oil, butter, tomato paste, white wine, garlic, fat-free 1/2 & 1/2 and a little chicken broth, along with some red pepper flakes. A little unusual (at least for us), but it came out quite well. I served it over pasta.

I will try to post the first two cookie recipes that have been sent to me tomorrow. Now that my cold is pretty well cleared up, we'll definitely be doing some baking this weekend - I can't wait! Yummy!

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