Saturday, November 26, 2005

Would you cook if you couldn't taste anything?

My sinuses are really bad right now. They've been keeping me up at night with a sinus headache and lots of congestion. Unfortunately, I can't take a decongestant at night because it keeps me awake, so I just prop myself with and extra pillow and that helps quite a bit.

One of the annoying side effects of extreme congestion is that I have now lost my sense of taste. I'm not at all inspired to cook if I can't even taste it! That makes me wonder about the the poor souls out there that have this condition permanently - do they cook? I can't imagine it.

Not being able to taste came in quite handy last night, however. We went to see Harry Potter and stopped by Fire Mountain (which we did not realize is party of Ryan's) for dinner afterwards. Big mistake. We didn't expect great things, but we weren't expecting it to be a buffet. Yuck. Even the salad bar was disappointing. That's a deal-breaker for me. If I can't even retreat to a decent salad bar, it's pretty bad. Needless to say, we won't be returning. Sadly, this place seems to be very popular - mediocre food on the cheap - that's what seems to draw in the crowds. Sigh.....

The plans were to make Turkey Jambalaya (a CL recipe), our traditional post-Thanksgiving dinner and to start making cookies. However, if my sense of taste does not return, I don't know if I'll do either. What's the fun of making cookies if I can't taste them??? Especially since I want to try several new recipes - I simply must be able to evaluate them, no?

At any rate, I'll post the official beginning of the Cookie Swap later today. I don't know when I'll get baking, but we do have our cookies picked out and the ingredients purchased. Yum!


  1. How was Potter? I'm debating seein it..sorry to hear about your sickness :( Somehow I've escaped the cold floatin around the office so far but I'm bound to get it one of these days...and never feel like cooking anything but soup when I'm sick.

  2. Harry Potter was very good, but it seemed way too short even though it was over 2 hours! Fortunately I don't remember the details of books very well, but even so I could tell they left a lot out - but how could they not with such a long book? Still, it was well-done. Perhaps they should have shortened the ball scene to allow for more of the other?

    Still can't taste anything so we ordered out. It's depressing to eat and not taste! If it's not significantly better by Monday, I'm headed to the doctor! Don't mess with my food and my cooking!