Thursday, November 24, 2005

Let it snow!

And Happy Thanksgiving!

As predicted, we are getting lake effect snow today - not a ton, but enough. Lake effect snow is unique in that it can look like a blizzard one minute and then the sun is shining the next. The boys and Bailey had a great time sledding today. We live on a golf course and have one of the 18 holes right in our backyard. It is banked nicely on our side, so we don't see it which is nice, and it also makes for a pretty darned good sledding hill. The boys went sledding, with Bailey in hot pursuit each and every time they went down the hill.

The "view" from our eat-in kitchen during the white-out part of lake-effect snow.

If you look closely, you can see the 2 boys and Bailey out in the snow.

I like the way the snowflakes are visible in this picture (this looks out the back of our kitchen)...

So that's my "Room with a View". Our kitchen has a great view of the woods and the golf course. Our old house had a decent back yard, but no real view. It's very nice not having any houses to one side - just views - and NOT of the side of our neighbor's house! Next post today.....Turducken and The Menu.

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