Sunday, October 02, 2005

Uses for Apple Butter?

Just a quick follow-up:

Over on my Overnight Apple Butter post, Erika asked for suggestions on how to use apple butter. I have to admit - I love it, but I really don't know what to do with it once I make it! I love it on toast or a bagel and I have even tried it stirred into oatmeal, but beyond that, I'm stumped. Anyway, I promised to look at old threads on the Cooking Light boards for some suggestions.

Here are a couple of threads with some recipes posted. I'd post them here, but I have not tried them myself, so cannot comment on any of them. If I do try them, I'll post.

*Rev: Overnight Apple Butter CL Oct. '04
*I have Apples and Apple Butter...Now what?
*Open-Faced Ham, Cheddar and Apple Butter Sandwiches

I might give the Apple Butter Bars in this thread a try:
*Tis the season...for apples that is!

Please feel free to add any other suggestions here!

I also forgot to mention on the apple butter post that I skip the straining part and simply use my immersion blender - works perfectly and far easier (not to mention less messy) than straining. I did not find any unpleasant lumps or "pulp" - just a nice, thick, smooth mixture.


  1. My immersion blender gets so much attention here too. It makes much less mess than using a blender I think. I don't mind less dishes either!

  2. I love apple butter too. When Im not eating it alone, I spread it on toast or stir it into yogurt or cottage cheese. Enjoy!