Sunday, October 30, 2005

Pumpkin Waffles and Baked Apples

I don't often cook up a big breakfast, but I do love a big breakfast, especially on the weekends. So this morning I decided to surprise the guys with a breakfast when they come home from church. I have a hankering for something with pumpkin - here it is the end of October and I have not made one pumpkin recipe.

In fact, we have not even decorated for Fall or Halloween - we haven't even so much as bought a pumpkin to carve. Sad. But between illnesses and being out of town, there just hasn't been much time or, truthfully, much motivation on my part. And now my oldest son is sick, but we might have to go out and get a pumpkin without him. We need SOMETHING to put on the porch for Halloween. I usually decorate quite a bit with skeletons, cobwebs, spiders, bats, a stuffed man sitting by the door with a scary mask, ghosts hanging from the eaves, etc. Each year I try to add to my collection. Unfortunately, one of my biggest sources for great Halloween stuff went out of business - Martha Stewart's catalog had a lot of great items. I like the scary decorations - no cutsie stuff here!

Anyway, I am taking you along on a guilt trip here....back to the food.

This morning we'll be having Pumpkin Waffles and Baked Apples. The boys love pumpkin waffles and often ask me to make them. Won't they be surprised when I make them without being asked? My November Cooking Light just arrived this week and I remembered a baked apple recipe that looked easy and delicious and it sounded like a prefect accompaniment to the waffles.

Stay tuned tonight for Fish Tagine with Chermoulla from Moosewood Restaurant Low-Fat Favorites.
*Photo Courtesy of Cooking Light


  1. How did the pumpkin waffles turn out? I have made them twice recently and threw away both batches...I love pumpkin, but these just tasted funny, with a funny aftertaste...But I don't want to give up--not with all that canned pumpkin in the pantry.

    And I agree about the new issue of Cooking's so BIG and I'm so excited to try everything in it!

  2. Hi lisasd - I liked these quite well, but I have had better - but the better waffles were also higher in fat. I do remember noticing a sort of after taste when I reheated them the next day, but I didn't notice it the day they were made. I think there are probably better recipes out there, but this one is low-fat and tasty.