Friday, September 23, 2005

You know what they say about the best laid plans!

Double sigh.

Our anniversary was spent at the roller rink with my boys, followed by driving through KFC for dinner. Not that the dinner I had planned was necessarily for our anniversary (but I did buy some champagne), but at least it would have been a pretty nice dinner!

Silly me, I forgot that I had agreed to take the boys to a free skating party sponsored by our school's PTO. When I told them we would go, I was thinking in terms of it being on a "Thursday", not in terms of it being "September 22", our anniversary. I couldn't back out from taking the boys and it also ate up my cooking time.

Tonight I'm supposed to go out partying with the girls, but I think I may have to back out because I'll feel guilty. I went out with the girls - a different group - on Wednesday night and then last night was a bust. I don't think I can go for 3 nights in a row, so yesterday's menu may actually be realized tonight.

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