Friday, September 23, 2005


To satisfy the sharp desire I had Of tasting those fair apples, I resolv'd Not to defer; hunger and thirst at once Powerful persuaders, quicken'd at the scent Of that alluring fruit, urged me so keen. ~John Milton, Paradise Lost

L to R: Gingergold, Paula Red and last two are Honey Crisp

We made our first visit to the local apple orchard today after school. The boys each got to pick out a dessert they wanted to make and a new apple to try that would be good for each dessert. The orchard had a very, very helpful list about which kids of apples were good for eating, pies, baking, etc. The boys ended up picking Gingergold and Paula Red. I picked out a bag of Honey Crisps, one of my favorites.

The small Honey Crisp came from the orchard, the larger one came from Mejier (our local supermarket). I wanted to compare them to see which one was tastier. Surprisingly enough, the one from the supermarket was quite a bit tastier!

My oldest son (11) decided that he wanted to make an apple pie with his apples. My youngest wants baked apples. So, I'm off to find a recipe for baked apples for tonight! I will report back here with the recipes later.

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