Saturday, September 17, 2005

My little spot in cyberspace... jot down ideas and thoughts about cooking.

I'm not a professional, just a home cook who likes to try new things and experiment here and there. This may not be the most creative blog, but I hope someone out there will enjoy it and maybe even find it fun and informative. I tend to be practical and simple in my application...when I go somewhere to read or find information, I want it to be easy on the eyes and well-organized, not fussy or hard to read.

Currently I work part time at the elementary school my son attends. It's not my dream job, but it brings in a little money and I can still be home with my boys when they are off from school.

I'd love to do something food-related, but find the whole thought a bit intimidating. Every month I seem to have a new idea. First I thought I might try to market my marinara sauce that was published in the reader section of Cooking Light. Then I thought about opening a food store that would cater to the busy mom who still wanted to put something homemade and wholesome on the table. I also considered trying to be a personal chef.

The problem is, I want to do something on my terms, on my time, my way and without a lot of financial risk. None of those ideas fit. Being a personal chef allows me to do something without a lot of overhead, but I'd have to cook what OTHER people want to eat, not what I want to make.

The idea du jour is to try offering cooking classes. I have lots of ideas for fun themes, the problem would be to find interest. I'm not sure what kind of business I can drum up in this tiny little rural town. However, there is the option to offer classes in nearby towns as well.

In the meantime, I figured I can record thoughts. At least here I can talk about what I want to talk about - people can read it or not read it - and there's no overhead or financial risk.



  1. So excited to see you started your own blog! I'll get a link for you on mine tonight. In the meantime, what about offering cooking classes in your home? Jphilig on CLBB started doing that recently and seems to be having great success with it. Just a thought...

  2. Yay! My first post! Well, besides the spam comments I got before I learned to put in word verification!

    I'm wondering about health department regulations by offering cooking classes in the home. Besides, my kitchen is tiny - about 12x12 and by the time you add the counters, appliances and table, that leaves little wiggle room.

    There's a cute little deli that is only open until 5...I'd love to see if she'd let me use her kitchen.

    Well, many possibilities. Thanks for posting!