Thursday, September 01, 2005

Amish Coleslaw

Source: Based on a recipe from AllRecipes

1 6-ounce package of shredded slaw
2 tablespoons of finely chopped red onion
1/2 cup chopped carrot
1/2 cup white sugar
1 cup vinegar
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon celery seed (skipped - didn't have any on hand but would try)
1 teaspoon white sugar
1 1/2 teaspoon prepared mustard
3 tablespoons of prepared horseradish or to taste (I would up this next time)
1/4 cup vegetable oil

In a large bowl, toss together the cabbage, onion, and 1 cup sugar. In a small saucepan, combine the vinegar, salt, celery seed, 1 teaspoon white sugar, mustard and oil. Bring to a boil, and cook for 3 minutes. Cool completely, then pour over cabbage mixture, and toss to coat. Refrigerate overnight for best flavor.

I talked about this recipe HERE.


  1. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Those ribs look great, that and the coleslaw and the sweet potatoes --- a great meal!!

    Is prepared mustard, regular mustard like Dijon etc or are their referring to the dry mustard.

    Love your blog. And, don't start me on the picture of the cheese and filo dough. Makes me salivate!!

  2. Anonymous -

    Thanks for stopping by. :)

    By prepared mustard, they mean something like Dijon, which is what I used.

  3. Anonymous7:33 PM

    I have seen this recipe made with Splenda, which makes sense. I imagine if it were made with Splenda, it wouldn't have to be heated or boiled at all. I assume the boiling of those original recipes was a requirement to dissolve the sugar. By using Splenda, it reduces the prep time--always a good thing! I am NOT a big fan of celery seed--it takes over a dish where I'm concerned. Also, I like the addition of a diced large, green pepper.