Sunday, July 23, 2006

WDB #44

Just a quick post tonight to participate in Sweetnick's WDB.

Hey, Mom, can you take a hint??!

Bailey's not-so-subtle hints make him a pretty good personal trainer!

Shhh...we won't tell him he doesn't look so intelligent with the tongue hanging out........


  1. Too bad Max has not learned that yet! I'll be sure to send him over for lessons!

  2. Anonymous10:38 PM

    Our Dog Bandit used to do that but then we had to start putting the leash and the SENSE-ible Dog Harness away because if we did not take her for a walk (when she was begging for one), she just chewed up the harness instead.

  3. Joe - Bailey would love to play with Max! :-) Maybe Max could teach him not to be afraid of all loud noises????

    Hi Cate. :)

    Dani - Fortunately he's not a chewer any more. But, I had to hang his towels up out of reach because he would carry them all over the house and I could never find them when I needed them. So for now, I'm letting him have the leash where he can reach it - we'll see how that goes!