Monday, March 06, 2006

VRC: Italian

Thanks to all who participated this week. Numbers are still a bit on the low side, so I may consider going back to once a month or maybe trying a compromise and go twice a month.

Just a quick reminder to please put a link to this blog somewhere in your recipe post or in a separate post mentioning your involvement in VRC. It's sort of a I scratch your back, you scratch mine kind of deal, helping all of us to increase our readership. Many thanks!

First up is Alanna from A Veggie Venture with a recipe from her blog that has been on my "to try" list for a while now - Cauliflower with Pancetta, Capers and Parmesan. What an unusual and delicious-sounding way to prepare cauliflower.

Erika from Tummy Treasure is next with a Chicken Parmesan recipe from Giada DeLaurentiis. I have never made this before, but I know my boys would love, love, love it. I'll have to add this one to "the list".

Melissa from Mel's Kitchen brings us a very different take on pizza - Proscuitto and Pesto Pizza Sandwiches. Call it pizza or call it sandwich, these look fabulous. Now that's a cheese sandwich!

Haalo from Cook (Almost) Anything at Least Once chimes in with 3 recipes from her arsenal. First up is Italian Walnut and Marmalade Bread.

Haalo provides informative step-by-step instructions, complete with pictures, for making the Ultimate Gnocchi. I haven't made gnocchis in such a long time!

Lastly, Haalo presents us with Linguine with a Sage Butter Sauce and Sautéed Sweet Potato. Mmmm....

Here's something I've never tried before but would like to very much. However, I don't think I've seen it in the stores around here - that's what you get with rural living sometimes. For now,I'll have to live vicariously through Mona from Mona's Apple with her Sausage and Broccoli Rabe with Orecchiette.

Polenta. What a wonderful comfort food. And now that I know I can make it in the rice cooker, I love it all the more. This next recipe from Kevin at Seriously Good is definitely going on the "to try" list - . Pork, beef, mushrooms, polenta....oh my! I'm drooling over the Polenta with Two Ragus. I'd like to try it as written and also with just the mushroom ragu to make a heavenly, comforting vegetarian meal.

Michele from Chef Michele's Adventures give us her budget-minded, but yummy-sounding Italian Sausage Over Linguine and Lasagna Maria.

I have never seen this done before, but I'm going to have to try it! Kate from Pie in the Sky brings us a recipe that cooks the pasta in wine, turning the noodles red. As Rachael would say, how cool is that? So, I guess I can add Tuscan Spaghetti with Red Wine to my growing list of recipes to try.

Patti from Adventures in Food and Wine went to one of my favorite sources for recipes, the Cooking Light Bulletin Board, for this next recipe. Pasta Rustica with Chicken Sausage and Three Cheeses. Pasta, cheese, sausage - how can you go wrong?

And lastly the Penne and Vodka Sauce that we had last night for dinner. After having it for lunch today, I have to say that it could be better and it definitely tasted better last night. Still good, but something that could be improved upon.

I don't know about you all, but I'm getting hungry reading all these wonderful recipes. Many thanks to all who participated.

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  1. Great round-up ... more recipes to add to my to-try pile. ;)

  2. Once again, I meant to do it, but just didn't get to it in time.

  3. Great round-up Alysha!

  4. Thanks Patti. :) But mostly, thanks to all those who made it so tasty. ;)

  5. Hey Alysha, thanks for this great roundup. I know what I'm making for the next few weekends :) Love reading about other people's favorite Italian dishes. I hear you on your post from today..I'm having some motivation issues (as far as the blog goes) myself. But what I love about it? There are no rules. Ultimately we do this for ourselves so do what you have to do, ya know? Take care hope you're having a good weekend.

  6. Hi Mona. You're right, there are no rules. Thanks for reminding me of that. It's really just a hobby, a creative outlet.

    I think it will be a good weekend - it may be warm enough to sit out on the patio (even if we have to layer a bit) and we're going to grill out. Can't beat that for March in Indiana! :)