Friday, September 02, 2005


Here are some of the pots and pans I have in my kitchen. I have a mixture of All-Clad, Calphalon and miscellaneous. If I had to choose, All-Clad is my favorite, but it is also very pricey. You can find a very nice pan by Calphalon for quite a bit less.

Not all of them are exactly what is shown in the photographs, but in order to keep things current, I have linked them to similar items on Amazon. Just click on the link to read more about them over at

All-Clad Stainless Steel 1-Quart Saucier

A lot of my pans are nonstick for healthier cooking, but sauciers come in handy for anything that involves whisking. Using a metal whisk on your nonstick pan can damage them. This saucier comes in 1-quart, 2-quart and 3-quart. I have the 1 and the 2 and have my eyes on the 3. Also great for risottos.

All-Clad Stainless Steel 12-inch Fry Pan

A stainless steel fry pan can come in handy for those things that require a higher heat or, again, the whisk.

All-Clad Master Chef 2 3-Quart Nonstick Saute Pan

This is my all-time favorite pan. I use it all the time for sauteeing, cooking chicken breasts, just about anything.

Calphalon Commerical Nonstick Skillets

Great for omelets, crepes or just plain old eggs.

Calphalon 5-Quart Chili Pot

I don't have this exact pot, but something similar. Calphalon changes their product line so often, it's hard to keep track. I use this for soups and stews. Probably the second most used pot in my kitchen.

Calphalon Anodized Stir-Fry Pan

I have a Calphalon pan similar to this one that I use for stir fries. Anodized is not my favorite material, but it's more manageable than the classic wok - more manageable by way of size, care and cleanup.

Le Creuset 5 1/2-Quart Round French Oven

My mom had two of these and gave me one. Hers is a "classic", probably from the 70s. I'd call this a Dutch Oven, myself.........but I use this for soups and stews.

Revere Saucepans

Seems like this line of pots has been around forever and it seems like just about everyone has owned these in one form or other. I think my grandmother had a set! My mom gave me some of hers and they are still going strong. I use mine for heating soups, cooking pasta, etc. Not very sexy, but indestructible. Just don't look at my copper bottoms....I never clean them.........

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