Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Virtual Recipe Club

What is Virtual Recipe Club?

VRC is simply a weekly (or is it monthly? We haven't decided yet.) round-up of our favorite recipes that fit a chosen theme. When I belonged to MOMS Club (a club for stay-at-home-moms), we had a Recipe Club that would meet each month. We would pick a theme and each month, one of us would host the event in our home. Each of us would bring a recipe that fit the theme - then we'd all get to sit around and eat the wonderful food and we'd all go home with copies of the recipes.

Do I have to have a blog to participate?

No! If you do not have a blog and would like to participate, simply email me your recipe and a picture (not required, but it's nice to have) and I'll post it for you.

Are there any rules?

Not really. All I ask is that when you post a recipe for this event, that you provide a link to the round-up and/or the blog so that others can also check out all the great recipes.

How can I get my link to you?

The best way to give me your link is to email me. It's much easier for me to gather all the links from emails than from the comment section.

Do I have to make the recipe the week of the theme or can I use an old favorite (or one that I have previously posted on my blog)?

Either way! Use VRC as incentive to try a new recipe or share an old favorite. Either way, we will all have some great recipes to look over. Again, if you use an old recipe, please try to fit a link somewhere in your current posts to let folks know you are participating.

Is this a weekly or monthly event?

Good question!!! I don't know!!! We'll just see how it goes. But since all you have to do is throw a link my way, I think it will be pretty easy to have this once a week. Maybe we'll throw in a more involved VRC once in a while that involves more cooking and not just recipe sharing.

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