Monday, September 15, 2008

Treats for the Concession Stand

In addition to providing taxi service for my sons' various sports and band activities, there is also the dreaded concession stand duty - taking orders, preparing food and manning the cash register. I joked that working retail on Black Friday was less hectic than the concession stand at the high school football games! Oh, it's not really SO bad, but there are other ways I'd rather spend my time. One thing I did not mind volunteering for though is baking for the concession stand - now that's right up my alley.

Triple Decker Krispie Treats

While trying to make up my mind about what to make, I came upon this recipe over at Cookie Madness. The recipe is for Triple Decker Rice Krispie treats. These thick, chewy bars take the traditional marshmallow treats and bump them up a few notches with a chocolate layer, a peanut butter layer and the more traditional plain old marshmallow layer.

It does take some time to put these together but it's not at all hard and it doesn't require any baking. I used the same bowl over and over again to melt the marshmallows in the microwave - just rinsing and drying between uses. As I pressed the second layer into the pan, I was quite sure that these were not going to fit but I pressed each layer down as firmly as possible and I managed to squeeze them all in.

While I loved the plain and peanut butter layers, I thought the chocolate layer had an off taste to it and I think it was the Coco Kripsies. If I made these again, I'd skip the Coco Krispies and use the chocolate chips with maybe a little cocoa powder or I'd just skip it altogether. Oooooh - I just had a rush of inspiration - how about some Nutella??? Now we're talking! Surely it's been done before...I'll have to search around.

Funky-tasting Coco Krispies aside, these are a fun and whimsical treat - great for wrapping up for a bake sale. Good thing I didn't keep any at home - I tend to not be able to keep my hands off of Krispie Treats..........


  1. Your bars look great! The other day I tried a rice krispy treat variation from Martha Stewart that was cornflakes, toasted coconut and pecans. It wasn't as good as the standard treats.

  2. If I made those, my layers would not be nearly so neat and straight. :) I'm with you, I would change the chocolate layer.

    I love rice krispies in desserts....

  3. Well, they look pretty!

    Strange about the Cocoa Krispies. I don't particularly care for Cocao Krispies, but I thought they tasted pretty good here. It would be cheaper and more efficient to make these without them, though. Maybe you could make them with all chips and a teaspoon of cocoa powder?

  4. Sara - Those bars sound good, but I suppose sometimes the plain old original version just hits the spot.

    Laura - You know I don't spend a lot of time fussing, so I'll bet your layers would be nice and straight too! ;)

    Anna - Thanks for inspiring me to try these. :)