Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fresh Corn

Enough with the tomatoes for a moment, let's talk about corn.

We have been getting some excellent local corn this summer from Tebbs Farms. The corn was so sweet, it was almost like candy! I don't remember it being this good last year. Either this year's crop actually IS better or we just did a better job of eating it the same day. I've read that if you let corn sit around, the sugars turn to starch and it's just not as good. Maybe that has made all the difference.

We've been mostly eating it straight off the cob since summer is pretty much the only time you can do that, but I could not resist taking some off the cob for this recipe that Bob on the CLBB recently, and kindly, shared with us. Corn, bacon and chipotle - what's not to like?

Spicy Fried Corn
Spicy Fried Corn with Bacon and Chipotle

It's a very simple dish to prepare and it's as good as it sounds. Although I have now come to appreciate cilantro, I still sub in parsley for my son, but I'll bet the cilantro makes this dish even better. Although great as is, a little voice in my head kept telling me that it would be really good with some onion too, so I'll add that next time.

Thanks to Tebbs, I have put some corn - off the cob - in the freezer for winter - 2 dozen ears worth. Next year I'll probably take it a little further and purchase their cheaper 5 dozen bag.


  1. That storm destroyed the corn around here--I think maybe the entire crop EVERYWHERE. It is all flattened. Everytime to we drive by a corn field, Alex gets upset (she overheard me bemoaning it and is now taking it very seriously) and asks why they cannot just plant more now.

    Ahh, the joys and angst of seasonal food. :)

  2. Laura - Wow - I can't believe how much of Ike you all felt out there. I always felt quite safe from the effects of hurricanes when we lived in Indiana! I cannot imagine being a farmer - it's frustrating when our gardens don't do well, but at least it's not our livelihood!

  3. There is nothing better than fresh sweet corn! (Except bacon and chipotles, of course....) This looks great!