Friday, August 15, 2008

It's done!

The kitchen is officially done! It was actually done this past Monday, but we still had people coming out to finish up a few other projects (trim around garage doors, new shower faucet, etc.), so we are officially done as of today.

It's been a busy week trying to get back into the work routine and I'm still not back into the cooking or blogging groove yet and I'm not sure when that will happen as the next couple of weeks don't show any signs of letting up! Tomorrow we are off to DE/Philly to see Spamalot and then on Tuesday we go down to Hershey to see Bruce Springsteen. I'm VERY excited for both, but especially for Bruce - we're both big fans.

Anyway, before things get too crazy again, a quick post about the remodel. I'll follow up with more details and photos later. Suffice it to say we're loving it - not only for cosmetic reasons, but it's so much more efficient now too.

I posted a lot of before shots on this thread, but I figured we needed at least one side by side shot, so here's BEFORE:

(The wallpaper has been gone for a couple of years, but I just had
to include this shot as the before because this is how it looked
when we bought the house. The guy to right is our realtor - this is the photo
I took when we looked at the house.)

And here's the AFTER:

New Kitchen

Of course we would have loved to get rid of the soffit and the white microwave and put in a fancy backsplash, but considering we started this project only planning to do the island and floor, we're pretty ecstatic with the outcome! I never dreamed I'd have solid surface counter tops and an undermount sink.

But it's late and we have to get an early start to get to a matinee show it's off to bed.............


  1. Love it - what a beautiful turnout. Those island chairs are great too! Do you plan on placing more plates on those soffits? It is a cool look!

  2. Joe - Thanks!

    We bought those island chairs when we moved across town in Indiana - the new house had a breakfast bar. They have been sitting unused in our dining room for two years, so it's nice to put them to use again.

    Yes, I do plan more things along the soffit. I wish we could have removed it, but we might as well make it work for us!

  3. Alysha, it's beautiful! Those counters look like they'll clean up in a snap! I'm totally jealous. ;-)

    Have a great trip!

  4. Great kitchen! Thanks for sharing your pictures. I like the gold lighting and warm tones. Very inviting. :)

  5. Wow, it is beautiful!! Congratulations, I love your new kitchen!!

  6. Reggie11:49 PM

    Hey, saw your message on TheKitchn for making chewier cookie. Thanks for the tips and the recipe. I will definitely give it a shot.

    Great looking kitchen by the way!

  7. Wow, what a beautiful kitchen! And yummy tart!

  8. I'm sure you'll enjoy every minute of cooking in your new beautiful kitchen!

  9. YAY! It looks so much bigger! Good job! Aren't you relieved?

    We just staked the 4 corners of our house--talk about nerve wracking! I'm not sure when they are breaking ground, it had to be done before my surgery so I didn't have to worry about it this week is all I know...

  10. Alysha - What an improvement. It's so much more open. And the lighting!!

    Can't wait to hear how you're enjoying the new room. I'm going to live vicariously since we've decided against remodeling our kitchen. I'll have to wait for my next house to have a better space!

  11. Thanks everyone. :)