Sunday, May 04, 2008

Another yummy Rachael Ray Recipe

Back to back Rachael recipes. This recipe came to my attention via the CLBB. It was posted by Sharon over at Culinary Adventures of a New Wife. Unlike the noodle bowl, this one falls in the over 30 minutes category for me. Although I have to say that even when they take over 30 minutes, Rachael's recipes are often complete, so there's no need to think up sides or additional accompaniments and when you take that into account, her recipes are still pretty quick.

This is another complete meal - grilled chicken, lots of veggies, a little whole wheat pita and a yummy parsley-feta pesto on top. The only really bad thing about this recipe? The name - it's one of Rachael at her cutesy-poo best (or worst). But what can I say? I like her food and that's what counts in the end.

The Greek comes most notably from the kalamata olives and the feta, while the yogurt marinade provides the Tikka. It really does sound like a lot going on, but somehow it works. Delicious. I'd like to take elements of this recipe to try on their own - like using the yogurt marinade to grill chicken on its own (but perhaps marinating the chicken a little longer) and using the parsley-feta pesto as a dip or spread. Lots of possibilities!

On a side note, I have found a whole wheat pita pocket and a whole wheat flatbread that I love - they are not dry like many whole wheat pita breads and are pleasantly chewy. The flatbread is my favorite, but it has quite a bit more fat than the pita, so I try to use the flatbread a bit more sparingly. I am going to try something new here - when I find a specific product that I really like, I will try to link to it in my recipes, so look for the pita link in this recipe.


  1. Anonymous2:33 PM

    I had seen this recipe on the bulletin board and, while it sounded good, it didn't call out to me. On seeing your picture, I am adding it to the 'to try' list. Beautiful picture!! =)
    - RebelYell from CLBB

  2. Looks delish! I am a fan of Greek Salad. I like the black olives and Feta Cheese ~ MMMM

    Sharona May

  3. Rebel - I guess we really do eat with our eyes, huh? I often find that I'm more likely to try a recipe if it has a yummy-looking photo with it.

    Sharona - I love Greek salads too.

  4. I was just about to balk at her recipe title, but then I saw that you were disgusted by it too :) Why oh why do they have to be so cutesie??

    We all love Greek around here. This looks worth trying for sure (if I change the name!)

  5. Although the weather is starting to get really cold here, I would love to have a go at this salad...

  6. Glad you enjoyed the recipe! We make this so often I'm afraid we'll get tired of it. To be honest, I never would have made this recipe if I hadn't seen it on the show. The cutse-y title is enough for me to ban it on principle alone :)

    PS. your pesto turned out so well! Mine's always a little thick so I think I need to cut down on something...though it makes for a good spread.

  7. Recipegirl - I definitely recommend looking past the name and giving this recipe a try. :)

    Nina - I think it's fun to have a taste of summer now and then when the weather is cold.

    Sharon - The consistency may be different because I may have cut back on the parsley - I can't remember. I don't like too much parsley.....

  8. I really like this recipe too Alysha. I am always looking for great summer salad recipes that are filling and tasty!!!!

  9. Bellini Valli - Yes, I'm looking forward to a lot more yummy summer salads. The boys are usually very good salad eaters, so it's an easy way for me to get some good nutrition in them!