Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Yet another Chocolate Chip Cookie.....

I've said it before, but really, you can't ever try too many chocolate chip cookie recipes. This one caught my attention because the person who posted it on the CLBB said the cookies didn't spread as much as Toll House cookies do. I love Toll House, but they do indeed have a tendency to spread a bit too much at times.

Marcy's Legendary Chocolate Chip Cookies

As promised, and as you can see, they did not spread out thin as many buttery cookies can do but I could tell when I pulled them out of the oven and transferred them to the cooling rack that they were going to be a bit cakey. They are a bit chewy around the edges, but the middles are soft and cake-like; I tend to prefer a very chewy cookie, more like Toll House.

Other reviewers claimed this recipe did not turn out cakey for them, however, and at least one poster speculated that perhaps my leaving out the chopped chocolate was to blame. The recipe called for 2 cups of chocolate chips and 1 1/2 cups of chopped chocolate - I tend to like more cookie than chocolate, so I stuck with just the two cups of chocolate chips. So, it's possible that the adding more chocolate, especially smaller pieces that would have melted into the dough - might have lead to a chewier end product. I also used an off-brand of salted butter (all that could be found in a rush trip to the local convenience store), so that may also have been to blame.

In any case, these were very good cookies -buttery and delicious-tasting - and I certainly didn't have any problem eating 4 of them yesterday, cake-like or not.


  1. Off brand butter will do it! I have a FABULOUS chocolate chip cookie recipe that I make, but it doesn't work with off brand butter...I've tried!

  2. Alysha- I love chewy cookies and especially more cookie to chocolate ratio (Laura, of course, thinks the cookie should be all chocolate!). I found the best oatmeal based cookie if you love that cookie taste in a chocolate chip cookie. I think I posted it on the clbb, let me know if you want me to find it! -Josie (avariell)

  3. Claire - I was nervous that the cookies wouldn't turn out at all. The butter didn't even list a grade on the package!

    Josie - I will look for the cookie recipe and PM you if I can't find it. Thanks!