Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Cooking Light - August 2007

I haven't posted a Cooking Light "to try" list since the May issue! I'll try to get caught up, but first, here's one for the current issue. Most of August's recipes can be found on the Cooking Light website. It's a pretty long list and two of the recipes are on my list to make this week.....

That should do it for this issue. I hope to get June and July up there too. Kind of late, but I do like to keep track of what recipes catch my eye.....


  1. Cooking Light is always on hand. I always find delicious recipes each month to try. Some of the other magazines I don't purchase every month because there is nothing that really stands out in my mind. Cooking Light is like "Old Faithful".

  2. Have a lot of the same recipes marked! The sate burgers, fresh corn tart and the Asian chicken slaw were all great!

  3. Valli - CL is my go-to source. I love that I can have so many really good, healthful recipes at my fingertips.

    Joe - I'm especially looking forward to the fresh corn tart - chipotle cream sounds yummy. I want to make this next week while the fresh corn is so readily available.....