Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Why there isn't much cooking going on around this house this week......

  • Sub half day
  • 5:45 baseball game that didn't end up starting until 7:15 and we didn't get home until after 9:00!
  • Picked up other son from soccer game at 7:45 - he got to hang out at the BB game with us. Poor guy, he was out of the house from 7:40 AM until after 9:00 at night!
  • Sub all day
  • Soccer practice until 5:00
  • Band concert at 7:00
  • Day off - for sake of sanity (I hope they don't call me to's so hard to say no) Well, so much for that! I got called for a half day office job - can't turn that down. Oh well......hope my sanity stays intact..............
  • Soccer game @ 4:30 - probably won't make that - would like to but...........
  • Baseball pictures at the other end of town at 6:00, game back down at the other end of town again at 7:00
  • Sub half day
  • Soccer practice
  • Elementary school musical @ 7:00
  • Tae Kwon Do @ 7:00???? Probably will skip.......
  • Sub half day
  • In-laws arrive for the weekend
  • Baseball practice @ 6:15 - but probably can't make due to........
  • Jazz Concert at 7:00 at other end of town
  • Baseball Game at 5:00
  • Mother's Day Brunch out
Anyway, the house is a wreck and I'm already exhausted! One day at a time! It gets much better after this week. And only 22 days of school left - which also means the end of soccer, baseball and band - woohoo!

How in the world do you full-time working parents do it??????


  1. rachel5:08 PM

    ...just want to say, I love your blog and keep stealing great recipes from you!

  2. Rachel - Thanks for the kind words. The recipes are posted here for the taking, so steal away. :)