Sunday, April 22, 2007

SGOTW #50 - Newspaper Clippings

Every 5 weeks, Cookieee, our gracious SGOTW hostess, picks something from the "other hat". The "other hat" is filled with various ideas that stray from the cookbook theme that is followed most of the time. What a fun idea!

The idea that came out of the "other hat" this week was Newspaper Clippings. When I saw that, I thought I would have to bow out for this week as I rarely clip recipes from the newspaper. For one thing, recipes in our local paper rarely catch my eye and for another, I'm very anti-clutter - I hate having scraps of paper all over the place. And really, between the internet and the cookbooks I own, aren't there already more recipes than I can ever try in my lifetime?

Surprise, surprise - I did end up finding something in my recipe binder - a recipe for shrimp, corn and basil that sounded delightfully simple and summery - perfect for this warm weather that has finally arrived. It is in fact very simple to pull together, but it was a little bland in my opinion. I suspect that is because the corn wasn't the freshest. It's way too early for good, fresh corn in this part of the country, so this recipe, which really relies on very fresh flavors to carry it off, might be best saved for later in the summer when excellent corn can be had. It says it serves 4, but I'd say it was 4 rather small servings - which worked out fine for us since we had large side salads to fill us up, but if you're feeding a crowd of big, hungry guys, 4 servings would really be stretching it.

Each week I wait in excitement for the announcement the new SGOTW number! And I am very excited by this week's cookbook number which is #52. This happens to be a new cookbook that I acquired this past week that I am dying to cook out of and there's a fairly interesting story to go along with it. Now..............what to make, what to make?

And don't forget, SGOTW #52 is a special game. We are to go back and pick a recipe from one of the previous games - you can find all the games listed here. If you participate and want me to include a link to your blog, just leave me a comment here or over at CLBB and I'd be happy to include you.

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