Sunday, April 08, 2007

SGOTW #48: Sunset Vegetarian Cooking

For those of you who missed my first post and don't know what SGOTW is, check out this post.

This week, the number was 121. My #121 turned out to be Sunset Vegetarian Cooking. I can't believe that Amazon still lists it, but there it is - and for .01! This really is more of a supplement, but I'm using it darn it - I have so few cookbooks as it is!

Not the most attractive cover ever, eh?

No real story behind this - it was just an affordable addition to my collection of vegetarian cookbooks. And I did get at least two recipes out of it that became part of my regular rotation when I didn't eat meat - a veggie kabob and a zucchini fritatta. I haven't made them much lately, but I do use the kabob marinade now and again - it's very good.

Alas, the recipe this week - I made it Wednesday night - didn't turn out all that well. It was one of those that sounded like it could go either way - it could be bad or it could have surprised me. And as I was making it, the sauce tasted pretty good, but after it baked, something happened and it didn't taste as good out of the oven.

Green Enchiladas
(Sorry, there just doesn't seem to be any way to make these look appetizing.)

The recipe was Green Enchiladas - cheese and onion enchiladas with a green sauce overtop. I did stay pretty true to the recipe, but made two changes. First, I used less cheese - 9 ounces instead of 12. We didn't have enough jack cheese and I decided not to supplement with other cheeses because it would help cut down the fat. I also used light sour cream in place of regular. I don't think that changing either of these two things would save the recipe, but it's possible.

It wasn't terrible, it just tasted muddled - no one flavor really shined through. I think maybe the culprit was something I was a bit afraid to use in the first place - the dreaded cream of mushroom soup. I tried to elevate the status of this ingredient by using an organic version, but I'm thinking maybe the yuckier Campbell's version might have worked better! I also think that using fresh spinach would help quite a bit - but that would also make this recipe a lot more time consuming.

Anyway, I liked it okay, DH liked it okay, my youngest really liked it (go figure!!!!) and my oldest didn't like it much at all - but he ate it. I don't think I'd make this again, but I'd really like to find a good recipe with this basic idea - but instead of tweaking this one, I'd be inclined to look for a whole new recipe.

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  1. A, I got a chuckle reading your words for the picture :P sometimes the picture may look ugly but the actual food itself is good. sorry this recipe didn't turn out as stellar as it sounds.

  2. Eliza - Uh yeah, perhaps it might be best to skip pictures in some cases, but I decided to post it anyway......... :)