Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Weigh In Wednesday

Yeah, yeah. Here I go again. Yet another try at getting back into the workout routine.........

I realize this is hard to fit into a food blog, but I tried setting things up on a separate blog and it that just didn't work for me. It seems that my true passion is blogging about food, not health and exercise, so anything more than just a weekly post is not likely to happen. Which is probably a big reason why I need to lose weight! Thing is, there WAS a time that I was almost as passionate about health and exercise as I was about food. Well, if forced to pick one, I'd pick food, but still! I was dedicated! I worked out! I watched what I ate! What happened?

I lost my groove and I can't find it. But I must find it. I haven't gained much weight, but I've gained fat. The scale hasn't changed much, but my clothes keep getting tighter. This tells me I'm replacing muscle with fat. Not good. I need to do just the opposite.

So, here we go again. Only this time I have extra motivation. I will be attending a get-together with some old college buddies and we'll be doing an 80s party. We all graduated in 1988 and most of us have turned 40 in the last year or so. We decided it was time for a big bash. Next year is our 20th college reunion! That makes me feel WAY older than turning 40!

The get together is June 2. It's not likely that I'll be able to lose all 19 pounds by then - at least not by reasonable means like cutting calories and exercising more - but 10 pounds would be quite reasonable in a 10-week time frame. Two pounds a week would actually be doable - some people can drop weight pretty quickly - but I usually take a little longer. And really, my main goal is to get my clothes to fit better - whether or not the scale goes down too is not as important.

So, once again, it is time to watch what I eat and exercise. Working out at home has just not worked for me. I need to get out so that I can concentrate - once I walk through those gym doors, I just feel so ready to work out - it motivates me. I almost NEVER feel that at home. I do feel that when I go for a walk, but I need to do more than walk - I need to do weight training too. I'll likely join the YMCA, but if not the Y, some other gym. I really don't want to spend the money right now, but I think it will not only help me lose weight, it will help my mood by getting me out of the house and will be money well-spent. They let me work out for free at the Y the other night and it just felt right and I realized that a gym is what I really need.

If I don't report back next week, you all must hound me until I do! That means you Mom! And you my CLBB friends! And anyone else who doesn't mind being a nag............. The webs free Calorie Counter


  1. One of these days... :-)

    But hey, I can nag. And maybe if I know someone else is doing a Wednesday post, maybe I'll find my groove as well. Since the birds are coming back, maybe one of them would drop it off on their way past.

  2. Erika - No time like the present! Like I can talk..... ;)

    I'll keep an eye out and link to your blog if you start posting again......

    I joined the Y last night and I think this will really help get me back to exercising!

    Tweet, tweet! :)

  3. oh Alysa I hope you'll be successful with your weight loss. I can relate with you because after I had my son I was huge, clothes' size ballooning to 2 sizes larger. and it's not easy for me to lose the weight because i was breastfeeding. after my son's done breastfeeding i did exercise and cut calories/fat/whatever :D it took at least 2 years to drop 2 sizes (partly because I still liked to eat!) :D
    exercising at the Y is already a good motivation!

  4. Eliza - Thing is, I've already lost this weight at least once! So, I'm frustrated that I let it get this far again. Not as bad as the first time, but bad enough! I'm feeling it more this time and am much more confident that I'm really ready. :)