Sunday, January 28, 2007

White Stuff and some Cauliflower Soup

First.....the white stuff. I looked outside this morning to find big, fat snowflakes falling, something we have not seen much of this year. We've had a few dustings, but that's about it.

Just a few minutes later, the ground was covered in a pretty dusting of snow. They're not falling for much, but a few heavy bands here or there could give us a pretty coating, even if it's not enough for sledding or snowmen.

I've not been posting much, but we've been cooking away here - just not much in the way of new recipes to blog about. This week's theme seemed to be cheese - a little too much cheese - lasagna, quesadillas, pizza and a new soup - a cheesey, creamy, cauliflower soup from King Arthur Flour.

Creamy Cauliflower-Cheddar Cheese Soup

This soup is good, but it needed a little something, so I added a touch of cayenne to give it some kick - I tend to like a little spiciness with creamy dishes. It's also a little heavy on the cheese - it tastes great, but it made me feel a bit guilty eating it. I'd love to tweak it and come up with a lighter version. It was the perfect opportunity to use up the 1-pound bag of frozen cauliflower I had in the freezer. I'm not a huge fan of frozen vegetables, but I've been keeping them on hand for nights when I don't have fresh vegetables on hand - it makes it easy to whip up a quick dinner that is not entirely devoid of nutrition. Frozen cauliflower works quite nicely for this dish since texture isn't a huge issue, but I'm sure it would be even better with fresh.

I'm playing around with the label function in the new Blogger and may have gone a little label crazy! My intention is to set this blog up so that you can search for recipes using specific ingredients or cookbooks or chefs. I got a little ahead of myself and started labeling the posts before deciding that labeling posts is too confusing since I often talk about more than one recipe in a post. Therefore, for the most part, I will be labeling the recipes themselves, linking back to the post where I review the recipe. I thought Blogger was linking back for me, but that doesn't appear to be the case, so I'll be going back through all of my recipes and adding a link myself. Sure would be nice of Blogger did it automatically, but it seems to be very hit or miss........

DH is taking over the cooking tonight - whipping up a french onion soup with beef - so I have decided to use my free time to make fresh bread to go with I just have to decide which bread! Back tomorrow with the reviews..........


  1. I haven't seen snow and a grey sky like this since I left Minnesota 3 years ago. The photos actually made me miss it! Stay warm.

  2. I'm not a huge fan of snow, but we've gotten so little this year that I have begun to hope for a little. It was enough to give us a delay for school today - probably because of the winds. We stayed warm in the kitchen cooking and baking. :)

  3. is that your backyard? i love the view, alysha! seems like you cooked a lot of comfort foods these cold days.

  4. Eliza - Yes, that's our back yard. The view is a large part of the reason we picked this house. :)