Thursday, January 18, 2007

Panini and a New Cookie

So last night it was more panini for dinner. This time, cheesesteak panini. We had some steak leftover in the freezer from doing fondue on Christmas Eve – not enough to make a meal out of it alone, but definitely enough to make sandwiches. I used the Griddler to grill the steak – about 4 minutes using it as a contact grill. For the sandwiches I added provolone cheese, horseradish sauce, and sautéed mushrooms and onions. Easy and very good. DS commented that the steak wasn’t right for an authentic Philly Cheesesteak – I told him that’s because this was “real” steak – not the lower quality, though admittedly tasty, shaved steak they use for a real Philly variety.

Cheesesteak Panini

I’m trying not to bake as many sweet treats, but I couldn’t resist this recipe that I found over at the CLBB. Val posted a recipe for whole wheat chocolate chip cookies and I was very intrigued. Val bakes a lot, so I really trust and respect her opinion, but I was still skeptical – I’m so picky about chocolate chip cookies. Skepticism aside, I had to give them a try. They were everything Val said they would be – delicious. This recipe is very much like the Toll House recipe, both in ingredients and in taste. The white flour is replaced by regular whole wheat and reduced to 2 cups, there is only 1 egg instead of 2 and the salt is reduced to ½ teaspoon.

Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip CookiesWhole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies
If I were doing a blind taste test between these and Toll House, I’m sure I would pick up on the texture differences – these are not quite as tender as a Toll House – the whole wheat definitely adds texture – and they are a little crisper. Other than that, though, the taste is amazingly similar – with that wonderful buttery dough that I love so much. I love this dough so much that I don’t even want chocolate to interfere with it, so I reduced the chocolate chips to 1 cup and it was just right for me.

Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

As Val said, these cookies still can’t be considered exactly healthy with all the sugar and butter, but it does move a step in the right direction by using whole wheat flour instead of refined white flour. I might try these with raw, unrefined granulated sugar in an attempt to make an even more wholesome cookie. Unfortunately, for my tastes, there’s no cutting down on the butter – it’s what makes these cookies taste so darned good.


  1. Alysha,
    Can I say that I am so jealous of your new grill, (and I am not a jealous person) What a great way to whip up a quick dinner. I will be looking into saving for one of those very soon.
    I can't wait to try the WWChoc. chip recipe. I just bought some whole wheat flour, I am trying to switch over from white. Thank you for all the time you put into your blog. I really enjoy seeing all the wonderful recipes that you try. Keep it up!!!!

  2. Hi Sabrina - Thanks for the kind words. Hope you like the cookies if try them. I'm trying to keep my hands off of them, but it's hard! :)

  3. Robyn9:24 PM

    Alysha, these cookies went to the mountain today for my kids (and parents) and all but one loved them (and I'm not sure he tried it). Parents were shocked that they were all whole wheat flour. I had to add a little bit of water to the dough because here in our dry weather I just couldn't get it to come together but they turned out wonderfully.

  4. Hi Robyn. Glad the kids liked them. What a nice coach! :)

    The dough was a bit dry for me too, but it held together just enough to get them done.

  5. Alysha,
    I made the cookies and my family LOVED them. They are pretty much gone. My co-workers loved them too!!
    I love it when a recipe is a keeper.
    Thanks again.

  6. Sabrina2u - I'm glad you liked them. :) They are addictive - it was hard to keep my hands off of them!