Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I think I need to change the title of my blog to The Sweet Notebook. Or at the very least, The Sweet and Savory Notebook. Hmmmm........

Today's sweet treat was yet another recipe from my favorite new cookbook, KAF's Whole Grain Baking. I don't think I've ever made so many recipes from one book so quickly. Figures it would be a baking book!

Chocolate Pound CakeChocolate Pound Cake
I'm afraid that I can't yet give this recipe a proper review. I spaced and forgot to measure my whole wheat pastry flour. Argh! Since the too-dry Peanut Butter Muffins, I have been weighing my flour, but for some reason I forgot to do it this time and sure enough, this was not as moist as I would expect from something called a "pound cake". When I think of pound cake, I think of something a bit more decadent, something rich and moist. This was a tad crumbly - a bit like a cakey brownie - but it had great flavor and I did not detect a whole wheat flavor to the bread (which in the case of a bread like this is a definite plus for me). I added the suggested chocolate chips and dried cherries and would definitely do this again - they take this from good to something really special.

So, darn it all, I guess I'll just have to try these again. I'm sure my family will be terribly disappointed. If weighing the flour doesn't make these moist enough, I might consider adding a bit of fat-free sour cream. Nothing makes for a rich, dense cake like sour cream.

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