Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I'd rather be baking.....

I'm really itching to get baking, but I just bought all (or at least most) of my ingredients yesterday and I have to do some errands first. Today I ran to the mall and was able to finish up quite a bit of my Christmas shopping. Tomorrow, I have to run to Sam's Club for more Christmas shopping and groceries. Come Friday, I should be able to get full-swing into baking. I'm not sure how much I'll actually get to, but my list of cookies and goodies is pretty long!

For now, though, I'll have to be satisfied with sharing a savory recipe with you. Tonight we had beef stroganoff. Stroganoff, with or without beef, is one of my favorite comfort-food dishes. Sometimes I make it with just mushrooms, but we really prefer it with a little beef. The recipe I tried calls for 2 pounds of beef, but I only used one. For one thing it's healthier to use less beef and for another it's more economical. The only problem was that I didn't plan on using less beef and didn't buy enough mushrooms to compensate. Still, the sauce over noodles is yummy in and of itself, so it still worked.

This particular recipe is a well-regarded by the members of the CLBB and was shared by one of them. We liked it quite well, but I was not crazy about the addition of tomato. This could have been my own fault. The original recipe calls for using catsup. I decided to use tomato paste. In the end, the tomato was a bit more dominant than I would have liked. I wonder if using catsup, which is quite high in vinegar, would have been better. For some reason, I thought tomato paste would work better. Live and learn. All things considered, I'd probably just leave out the tomato altogether. Stroganoff is just one of those things that doesn't seem to need tomato products of any kind - I don't want anything to interefere with the sour cream.

I don't know that there will be anything to share will be a day of errands, tuna melts and tomato soup for dinner and then a choral concert for my youngest. Stay tuned for what will hopefully be my first holiday baking post on Friday...........


  1. My mother makes beef stroganoff with mayo instead of sour cream sometimes and it turns out pretty good. This one looks great too.

  2. Kat - Mayo - that's interesting - I've never heard of using mayo.

    My DH is trying to get me to use full-fat sour cream instead of the light. I don't like to use fat-free, but I have a hard time going totally full-fat!