Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas Cookie #5: Cranberry Chocolate Chippers

Well, I think we've hit the first non-repeater cookie for us this year. I've been staying away from my usual drop cookie since I tend to bake those throughout the year, but this one uses fresh cranberries, so they felt festive. This cookie, posted by a member of the CLBB, has orange zest, chocolate chips, walnuts and fresh cranberries, which sounded like a winning combination.

Indeed they do taste very good, but I'm not crazy about the texture. As you might expect, the cranberries make them a bit too moist. While that can be desirable in a muffin, I don't find it desirable in drop cookie. Still, it was worth a try - the thought of a cookie using fresh cranberries was definitely intriguing - but next time I'll stick with dried cranberries.

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