Tuesday, November 07, 2006

What's for Dinner? Roasted Salmon with Horseradish Crust

As I searched the web for recipes for salmon, horseradish kept popping up as an ingredient and captured my attention. After narrowing my search for salmon and horseradish, I came upon a recipe from Global Gourmet that sounded easy, elegant and delicious.

The crust is easy enough to throw together, although I had a hard time getting it to puree in the food processor - nothing seemed to really want to move around and blend. It was also a bit difficult to get it to spread nicely on top of the salmon pieces - I had to flour my hands and pat the crust on - it was very sticky and wanted to stick to everything BUT the salmon.

The crust did have a wonderful flavor, but it did not get crispy, something I would have expected from a "crust". I did cut the butter in half, so that may have been part of it and perhaps a few minutes under the broiler would have helped it to crisp up and brown nicely, but I did not have it in the proper dish for broiling.

Everyone did like it quite well, I just need to figure out how to make the crust crispy and perhaps a little more colorful - maybe a little parsley thrown into the mix.

The lack of color in the crust and my lack of colorful sides to pair with the salmon also made for a rather boring picture, but I'll include it anyway...............

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  1. I think the crust looks quite good. I'll have to bear this recipe in mind - my kid brother has recently developed a hankering for salmon and since my mother hasn't cooked with it before, he's leaning on me to do something new with it!

  2. Hi Ellie. It was very tasty, I guess it just wasn't quite what I was expecting. The lemon and horseradish worked well together and with the salmon.