Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I need your help!

First, my question...........

When you view this page, is my sidebar lined up properly with the main content column or is it all the way down at the bottom of the page?

Over the last year, I have pretty much completely switched over to using Firefox. I thought I had my template all figured out to look nice in Firefox and IE, but today I used IE and found that my sidebar is not properly aligned with the main content column when viewing it on my computer with 1024 x 768 resolution. I hate it when that happens!

It's very frustrating. When I use Firefox at the 1024x768 resolution, it looks fine. When I use IE at the higher resolution of my other computer, it also looks fine.

According to my site trackers, 1024 x 768 is the most popular resolution, so I want to make sure it looks nice at that resolution. I can fix it so that it lines up at that resolution, but then it shows a pretty wide gap between the 2 columns when I switch back to Firefox. Not as nice looking, but at least all the columns are lined up properly.

It may be time for a whole new template so that I don't have to mess with this. This is one of the drawbacks with tweaking a template a little too much - it's hard to get it all to line up properly.

Thanks for any feedback - it would be greatly appreciated.............

EDITED TO ADD: I'm now checking my site with IE on my computer with 1280 x 1024 resolution and it appears that the sidebar is not aligned properly at this resolution either. As most of my viewers use IE, I suppose I will have to fix this. This will mean that Firefox users will see a big gap between the main content and the sidebar, but at least everything will be aligned for everyone. I swear I had this all sorted out months ago, but something changed somewhere to cause this break again.........not sure what..........ARGH!


  1. Hi Alysha,
    I'm using IE (don't know the resolution). When I view your Blog the sidebars are way down at the bottom of the page.
    I've had this happen with a couple of other blogs.
    I agree -- working with templates is frustrating!

  2. I SO empathize with this, it looks fine on Firefox of course. BTW I saw someone with the same question once do a screenshot (Ctl Prnt Screen, then create a .jpg) to show what the site was INTENDED to look like, that way people have a comparison. Some times it's hard to know if it's an idiosyncratic design or a browser issue. Good luck!

  3. Thanks Tracy and Alanna. I think I may start over with a new template. I've been wanting a new one anyway, but it always takes up so much time! However, I happen to have the time now, so why not? :)

    Until I get it changed over, I guess I'll fix it in IE and just put up with having the large gap in FF. Better to have the columns lined up and looking nice for the majority of IE users - but it will annoy the heck out of me in FF!

    Love to hear any other comments from other readers. :)

  4. Yeah, I was going to mention that it's not just the 1024x768 resolution, it doesn't line up right in IE6 on any resolution.

    However, your sidebar works perfectly in IE7. That browser was released last month and Microsoft is supposed to start pushing it out as an automatic update anytime now. Something to keep in mind as you ponder template changes.

  5. It looks perfect in Safari

  6. Thanks Dave! :) I don't have that browser......