Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Quick & Easy: Raspberry-Balsamic Glazed Chicken

This is an oldie but goodie from Cooking Light. It's easy and delicious. The sauce is so good that I usually make a bit more than the recipe calls for and use it to drizzle over my green beans as well.

Speaking of quick and easy - I paired the chicken with roasted green beans and roasted potatoes. The whole meal came together in a snap with little fuss and lots of nutrition.

When making the chicken, I cook the chicken first and then cook the onions instead of putting the onions in first. Just seems to make more sense and ensures that the onions don't get overcooked. Be sure to simmer the sauce a bit - once it reduces a little, it becomes thick and syrupy. Love the sweet with the zing of the balsamic - perfect combination.

Looks like my post tonight will be quick and easy too. Stay tuned tomorrow and later this week for more good things to come - more new muffin recipes, a cheddar soup, a butternut squash and smoked sausage soup and two new appetizers involving a new-to-us ingredient.

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  1. wow does that look good... It almost looks too good to be healthy!! ;)

  2. Hi veuveclicquot. I love low-fat recipes that are delicious in their own right and aren't just good-for-being-low-fat. It's nice to enjoy a nutritious meal and not feel like you're settling one bit. :)

  3. This looks SO good! I thought that the potatoes were pineapple! That would be good with this meal too...make it Hawaiian like!

  4. Hi Claire - Thanks for stopping by. :) Hmmm...pineapples - interesting! That reminds me - I really want to try grilling pineapple for salads........

  5. That's what we will have for dinner tonight - it looks so delicious!

  6. Hi Dani. :) I really do love the sauce - I need to make this one more often.