Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Last night I managed to find a new recipe to make that did not require the purchase of any new ingredients. It's a recipe that's been on my to try list for a while and it's from Cooking Light.

It makes quite a large portion - it can definitely serve 8 very healthy-sized portions. While it was good, it was not spectacular. A good, solid recipe that is nice for an uncomplicated weeknight meal. As I was making it, I realized that it really didn't go much beyond what you might think to throw together on your own, but I was hoping it might end up being one of those recipes where the sum is greater than the parts - that maybe the balsamic would add an unexpected dimension to the overall flavor. Nope - just your basic pasta bake. Don't get me wrong - I would make it again, it's just that for a published recipe, it's not really all that original or exciting.

For the record, I used Wegmans' spinach and feta chicken sausage and I used a combination of ziti and rotini (using up those half-used boxes of pasta sitting in the cabinet). In the future, I would up the balsamic and red pepper flakes - perhaps that would push it from good to very good.


  1. This dish looks devine! Excellent job and photography Alysha <3