Sunday, October 22, 2006

More Figs....

Continuing the goat cheese and fig theme, we tried another appetizer yesterday. Although these too were very good, they were in the unenviable position of following the spectacular appetizer from Friday and they didn't quite measure up. The consensus was that the prosciutto rolls were better.

But, just because they weren't as delicious as the prosciutto rolls doesn't mean these weren't wonderful in their own right. It was once again a nice balance of sweet and salty - sweet coming from the figs and shallots which are simmered in a Port wine and thyme sauce and salty from the goat cheese. They are easy to assemble and the fig jam can be made ahead of time.

This was our first time trying fresh figs. Since I've never eaten a fresh fig, I had no idea how to pick out a good one and have no idea if the figs I bought were good figs or not so much. They didn't have much flavor as far as I could tell, very mild and a bit sweet, but the pretty colors revealed when they are sliced made for a very nice presentation.

Overall, our first experiments with figs were a great success. While searching Epicurious, I saw quite a few other recipes involving figs and/or goat cheese - I will have to go back and see if I can find a few more gems to try.

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  1. Looks divine, but how on earth did you slice the figs so thinly?

  2. Ellie - Hi. I use
    this knife
    for a lot of my more delicate slicing and chopping - like garlic cloves. It's very easy to keep the blade very sharp and the blade is thin enough to really grab onto whatever you're chopping without slipping - like tomatoes. The blade isn't strong enough for bigger tasks, but I use it for lots and lots of chopping. Very inexpensive too!