Friday, September 15, 2006

Subscribe! And Peanut Butter Ice Cream....

The Savory Notebook is finally getting with it by enabling its readers to subscribe to this blog. Over at the right under "Subscribe", you'll see a spot where you can enter your email. Some of you may subscribe to a RSS aggregator, but for those of you who don't want to venture into that part of internet technology - heck, I'm not even sure I really know what it all means - you can simply enter your email in the the right sidebar, click on "Subscribe Me" and receive email updates every time I publish a new post!

Of course now that I've finally made use of that neat feature, something even cooler will come along.........

So yesterday I managed to get the lasagna fully assembled, the muffins baked and the ice cream custard made and refrigerated. Oh whoops. Did I say I got the custard in the refrigerated? Uh, not quite. I came down this morning to a nice, warm bowl of peanut butter custard still sitting on my kitchen counter. It killed me to pour it down the drain, but I couldn't risk poisoning my family - after all, I'm the one who'd have to clean up after them.

Oh well, I'll include a photo (from a previous batch that did make it through all of the necessary steps) and recipe for it anyway. Too bad the in-laws don't get any......

Anyway, this ice cream comes from a frequent poster over at the Cooking Light Bulletin Boards. She came up with this recipe all on her own and the rest of us are forever indebted to her for her fabulous creation. The only fat in this ice cream comes from the peanut butter and eggs - and it's natural peanut butter to boot. This ice cream could be declared a health food!

For those skeptical of a low-fat ice cream, let's be clear, I am NOT a fan of light ice creams, but I will give them a try, always hoping that maybe somewhere, there will be a good one. Most come up disappointing, usually because they lack that wonderfully creamy texture of the real thing. Not this one. It's not lacking in any way except for a few hundred fat calories. It's flavorful and pleasingly creamy. Since it's low in fat, it does not freeze up really well in the ice cream maker and will stay at soft-serve consistency, but after a few hours, or even better, overnight in the freezer, it's ready to scoop.

I love the texture of this ice cream so much that I am working on creating a chocolate version. So far I have something with a good texture, but the flavor isn't quite there yet. I will be sure to write here as soon as I feel it's there. I can't wait to try it again........only I hope I remember to put the custard in the fridge.............

Hopefully I'll remember to take pictures of the lasagna! And yes, that creation DID make it to the fridge. Now I just have to take it out in advance so that the dish doesn't crack when I go to heat it up - wouldn't that be pretty?

If I don't get a chance beforehand, I'll be back on Sunday with the recipe and a recap...........

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  1. This is one of my husband's favorite ice creams! I make it every summer, especially if my sister comes to visit us, she loves it as well!
    It is so creamy! And I even make mine using natural pb!

  2. Robyn100711:23 PM

    Thanks for highlighting this one. I need to take ice cream to a company picnic next weekend and will need to make some on Friday in order to get enough ready so knowing this is better after sitting in the freezer makes it a winner.

  3. Ana - Yes, it's a family favorite for us as well. This last time, I put in little pieces of leftover brownies - yum!

    Robyn1007 - Ice cream is definitely something that can be done pretty far in advance. In fact, it usually takes me a couple of days (one night to chill the custard, half or full day to chill the ice cream), so it's not the thing to make when you have a craving! It's worth it though!

  4. Alysha, good idea adding brownies!
    I have made it with pieces of reeses inside, my husband loved it! He said it was better than his favorite flavor from Ben & Jerry's!! (pb &J ice cream with reeses inside)