Thursday, September 28, 2006

Living Vicariously

Something has had me doubled over off and on since last evening. Nothing terrible, fortunately, mostly just unexplainable intestinal pain.

I have begun to suspect that high fiber foods, wheat bran in particular, might be causing me a little intestinal distress. This afternoon, however, I started running a low-grade fever, so I'm not sure what's going on. All I do know is that when this happens, I think about how much it would suck to be intolerant or allergic to certain foods and have to eat a very limited diet. Especially if what's making you sick is healthy food to begin with. Seems cruel.

One thing I know it wasn't, however, is spinach. The last time I had spinach was almost 2 weeks ago.

Since I'm afraid to eat much of anything until the pain subsides, I've been spending the evening living vicariously through other bloggers.

Like Linda at Kayaksoup who brought home some delectable little risotto cakes, serving them with some equally delicious-looking halibut and asparagus. Risotto and asparagus, two of my favorite foods.

If fiber really is my problem, I might have to say to heck with my whole grain baking endeavours and try these awesome-looking muffins, posted by Kitchen Wench.

Now, I'm not usually too excited about the idea of having sandwiches for dinner, but that's because I'm setting the bar far too low. Check out these creations over at Slashfood. It seems a shame to even call them a sandwich..........

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be cooking again, not just reading about cooking. Although reading about cooking IS a lot of fun. Not to mention inspiring.....

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