Thursday, September 07, 2006

*&$^% Computer Problems!

No foodie post tonight, I'm afraid, all of my computer energy is being sapped by our main computer upstairs which decided to suddenly crash today. So, instead of having fun writing, I'm having a day-long chat with Allan over at TweakXP. It's definitely nice having a second computer when this sort of thing happens!

So far nothing has worked - I have a feeling we are headed to a fresh intallation of Windows XP along with attempts to recover as many files as possible. I do back up my Quicken and my Mastercook, but there are quite a few files we have not been good about backing up. You can be sure that we will be creating system backups on a regular basis after this. But why does it always take something like this to get us to do it????

Anyway, if you ever have a computer problem, especially virus or software problems, the folks are Tweak XP are awesome. I usually donate to these forums when they help me out, but I can't find a place to do that. Maybe Allan would accept a homemade batch of brownies instead?


  1. I recently got an external hard drive, one of the little ones in physical size but something like 200G, and now back up My Documents nearly every night, the whole c drive every week. It takes way longer than you'd think, to back up, but I just set it at night to let it chug away.

  2. That's a good idea - I'll definitely look into getting an external drive.