Sunday, September 03, 2006

Chilly = Chili

The remnants of Ernesto blew and poured on us all day long with temperatures reaching a high 61º. With no temptation to set foot outside, I spent much of the day hunting down different recipes on the internet - looking at more brownie recipes and looking for something to do with a newly easy-for-me-to-find product, chorizo. I've never been able to find it before - at least not the fully cooked version. I have to say - I'm having so much fun just knowing that I can actually find most things I need now! What a concept.

Back to the chorizo. While searching around the Cooking Light recipe finder, I found a recipe for chili that used chorizo, and what's better on a chilly day than chili? This recipe called for cinnamon and chocolate. Sounded intriguing. I had most of the ingredients on hand, so I gave it a try. Not having ever used cinnamon or chocolate in a spicy dish before, I wasn't sure what to expect and I even considered leaving them out, but where's the adventure in that?

As for the inevitable alterations, as usual I used what I already had on hand which meant red and orange bell peppers, leaving out the green. Sadly, I had to skip the corn because I was out - too bad, I love corn! We like some heat, but not too much, so I reduced the chipotle chili to one pepper instead of two. Two minor adjustments involved using one can of pinto beans in place of one of the cans of black beans and using diced tomatoes in place of whole tomatoes.

The result was a nicely spicy, flavorful chili that had a depth of flavor that I can only contribute to the chocolate and cinnamon. The chocolate leant a deep, brown color to the chili and added just a touch of sweet. I can't say I could actually taste the chocolate or the cinnamon, but there was definitely something going on the in background that pleased my taste buds. The heat was just right - it did catch up with us the more we ate, but it was never too hot. Corn would have been a welcome addition, but it was great without it. Still, I hate missing the opporunity to squeeze in another vegetable, so I'll be sure to stock up on some corn at the store next week.

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  1. OHH, that does look good. I think this may go on the menu this week since I have some chorizo in the freezer.

  2. Hi Patti. It definitely hit the spot on a chilly day. :)

  3. Oh yum! That is a great looking picture. I keep meaning to try this chili, but I'm always worried about the heat. Maybe I'll get the Monday Night Football gang to give it a whirl.

  4. Erika - I think it would be great on to try for MNF.

    Next time, though, I think I'll add more meat - it will raise the fat content, but I used about 8 ounces and have now had 2 bowls with very little sausage. Okay with me, but for a meat-loving crowd, you might want to up the meat. :)

  5. Oh good- thanks for that tip as well. Andy got a little excited when I mentioned this might be on the menu soon for him.