Thursday, July 20, 2006

Wednesday Weigh-In.....on Thursday

I actually did weigh in on my scale yesterday, but I've been feeling under the weather so I never got around to posting about it. Feeling somewhat better today, so here goes.

Seems I get interrupted every time I try to get back on track with health and fitness! During the move and then vacation I did not track my calories, but I have been walking pretty faithfully, especially while we were at the beach - I walked 5 or 6 days out of the week we were there. Walking has been more of a challenge now that we're home again since it's been so hot out. Still, Bailey and I have managed to get out here and there until I started feeling sick Tuesday night. Just a sinus infection, but it really knocks me out the first day or two - all I feel like doing is lying around, so that's what I did!

Yesterday, while lying around, I watched Fit TV on DIRECTV. This channel is new to me since getting satellite for the first time. It felt a little silly to SIT and watch people exercising, but I figured a sick day was the perfect day to check it out. None of the actual exercise shows were on while I was watching, but I did get some ideas and it was nice to at least hear people talking about good food choices and exercise.

One reason I'm very interested in Fit TV is that I'm having trouble deciding what to do about regular exercise. In Indiana, we belonged to the YMCA - it was no more than 5 minutes away and I felt very safe letting the boys play in the gym while I worked out upstairs. Not only was it a small facility where most people knew us, I could also see the gym where they played from the workout room upstairs.

We have checked out the nearest YMCA here - at least 15 mintues away - and I'm not so sure. The building is a maze - I had a hard time finding my way around, so I can imagine it will be hard for the boys. It's also much larger with many more people coming and going - I don't know that I feel comfortable letting the boys wander around while I work out.

So, distance is one issue. 15 minutes is not terrible, but this place is also downtown and just all around harder to get to - especially in winter when we're out in the country on winding roads.

Cost is another issue. It's about $61/month - not bad, but quite a bit more than the $43/month we were paying in Indiana. DH rarely used the Y in IN, and with it being further away now, I don't see that changing here. I just wonder if we'd use it enough to justify the cost?

On the plus side, it is near where I will be going to get my hair cut and near Wegman's - I could conceivably use it for babysitting while I get other things done too. Maybe when the boys are older and I don't feel so paranoid.....

The other option would be a health club, but the boys are too young to leave alone yet and most health clubs do not offer good solutions for bringing kids along - my kids are past being in a babysitting room, but not quite old enough to be on their own.

So, I think that for the summer, I will probably exercise at home. Perhaps once the boys are in school, I can join a health club - something where I can have a membership during the school year. This sould solve my childcare problems and give me a place to exercise in winter when the weather makes walking outside a bit treacherous or unpleasant. If and when I got back to work, however, I'll be faced with trying to figure this out all over again.

I will need to muster up all the motivation and discipline I can find - I am not very good at exercising in my home. I do much better when I get out of the house and can really focus, without distraction. I have weights and a step and will invest in an exercise ball (I had one, but Bailey popped it). If I do decide that exercising at home is my best option, even during the school year, I may look into investing in a treadmill - a year of NOT joining the YMCA would pay for a pretty decent one.

I'd love to hear from those of you who have had similar issues and how you resolved them.

Back to my weigh-in.......

When I jumped on the scale yesterday, I was 3 pounds down from my starting weight. Considering that I haven't been making a concerted effort to lose weight, I was pretty happy with that. Although I haven't been counting calories, I've been pretty good about not snacking, not eating too many sweets, and at least getting some exercise most days. But now it's back to trying to fit in strength training and counting calories.

My goals for this week are to count calories (starting today), get in at least 2 days of weight training, get in 40-45 minutes of walking/cardio on days I don't do weight training, 30 minutes on days I do weight train.

Until next week...................

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  1. I like FitTv as well. Although I've been away from it since summer started, I record the shows on my DVR and test them out. If I like the workout I keep it until I'm sick of it. My favorite is All-Star Workouts.

    As for an exercise solution...I would love to have a suggestion for you. I don't have the option of a gym or fit club, so at home is the only way for me, and with the kids...well, concentrated exercise just isn't in the cards right now. Right now my resolve is that when Abigail goes back to school, I start up my daily workout again. But that's not until September, so we'll see. :-)