Sunday, July 30, 2006

WDB #45

This week's WDB post features my two sons as the photographers. They wanted to take the pictures this time.

Okay, sounds simple. Well, few things are simple when it comes to my youngest. His picture-taking debut spawned quite a few tears. His pictures weren't good enough. No matter that I loved them, no matter that they were every bit as good as his brother's attempt. They stunk. Period. And poor Bailey. DS wasn't exactly a patient and gentle photographer either - he got mad at Bailey for moving and tried to force Bailey into different poses, etc. Sigh.............

The good news is, DS finally found a picture he was satisfied with and all was well.

First, from DS #2, we have the photo that came only after much angst:

Just for fun I'll put in one of his funny attempts:

And DS #1 chimes in with his photo - he was happy after one try:

Don't forget to visit Sweetnicks tonight for pictures of the whole furry gang.


  1. So let me guess that their picture-taking reflects their individual personalities, too?

  2. They are so hard to pin down that way! My first can be a perfectionist too, but my younger one is more likely to come unlgued at the oddest times! :)