Saturday, July 22, 2006

It Feels Like Soup!

Soup weather, that is. According to the weather site online, it's still 69º, but it feels downright chilly! I guess after all this hot and humid weather we've been having, the cool breeze is a shock to the system! Too bad it wasn't this cool earlier in the day or I would have taken advantage and made some soup. I love to make soup on cool days in the summer - it's like a special treat. Like a good blueberry in the middle of winter.

Tonight's dinner was not soup, however, but a repeat of a very quick, easy and delicious salad that I had made once for the boys, but not for DH (I made it after DH moved to PA without us). It's so simple and tasty - it will definitely become a regular in this house. I served it with the Dijon dressing recipe my mom shared with me - love that dressing - we're out, so it's time to make some more to keep on hand (I keep it in a Ball jar that I seal shut with my Foodsaver).

Tonight I had better luck with cooking the eggs in the microwave. I used wax paper instead of plastic wrap (I'm a little nervous it would start to melt) and used a rubber band on each ramekin to secure the paper. I microwaved the eggs for 40 seconds, but they weren't even close to being done. I kept going at 22 to 33-second intervals until they were done. This time they came out nice and soft, not rubbery and overcooked like last time. It's a pretty easy way to cook a number of eggs at one time.

Tomorrow night it's some sort of fried rice. The brown rice is already in the rice cooker since it really needs to chill thoroughly before being fried. Sometimes my fried rice comes out great and sometimes only okay. Here's to hoping tomorrow night is a great night. Recipe to follow tomorrow..........

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