Monday, July 17, 2006

Giant's not so bad either.

Wegman's is fantastic, but Giant is not so bad either.

Only I don't understand the difference between the different Giants. There are the PA Giants that look like this:PA Giants are also apparently in MD, WV and VA. The other Giant looks like this:

This Giant is in DC, MD, DE and VA. I don't get it. They look to have the same parent company - Ahold - but different beginnings - the PA Giant was started in Carlisle, PA and the other Giant's beginnings are from D.C. Ah well anyway................

As I visit "regular" grocery stores in the area (as in not Wegman's), I am beginning to realize just how limited my choices were in Indiana - it was even worse than I thought, if that's possible. Even Giant - which happens to be a bit closer to us than Wegman's - has A LOT more to choose from than Meijer, Walmart Supercenter (ugh - only went there if absolutely necessary) and Scott's. They make a decent effort to carry organic and international foods. Heck, they even have a decent olive bar, much like Wegman's.

However, choices can also cause confusion and indecision. I wanted some roast beef lunch meat and there were probably 4 different kinds. So I got turkey. The plain kind. The deli has the largest assortment of meats and cheese that I've seen in a long, long time - including things I never or rarely could find like capicolla, proscuitto, pancetta and even mortadella (I once searched for this to make muffuletta). Although I must admit now that I've found and seen mortadella, I'm not sure I want to try it after all - looks like bologna with hunks of stuff in it - I call that a "loaf" - ewwww.

If we ever need a crab fix, they have steamed blue crabs at $1.50 a piece. Not bad if we just wanted a little appetizer taste of crab. Hey, maybe I can even order crab at a restaurant now without fear that I'll get krab instead.

The menus for this week will be revolving around light fare with all this heat. It's pretty hot up here on our hill, but there's a decent breeze and it's not so humid that you feel sticky and gross the minute you walk out the door. I can handle that.

So, we'll be cooking things like grill, making salads and maybe some gazpacho. But what to have tonight? I forgot the tomato juice and scallions, so gazpacho is out. I also forgot the goat cheese for the spinach salad I was going to make and I think it's really key, so that's out. Dang, I wish that just once, just once, I could go to the store and remember everything I need. Sigh.....................maybe we'll just do tuna melts and fruit. Cheap and easy. Back to the store tomorrow..............

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