Monday, March 06, 2006

Next week's VRC and this week's Menu

I am currently working on getting VRC: Italian posted tonight. You still have time to send me a link - I'll have it posted by 10:30 or so tonight. I was hoping to have it done sooner, but 24 is 2 hours tonight and I can't miss a second of it!

While I get the roundup organized, I wanted to let everyone know that we have a guest host for next week's VRC - Sweetnicks! Thanks, Sweetnicks, for agreeing to host next week. Sweetnicks has chosen CINNAMON as the theme. Mmmmm....I love cinnamon. Ever since I discovered Penzeys, I love it even more. I once compared Penzeys cinnamon to McCormick's and there was no comparison - the Penzeys had a far superior scent - deeper, richer and stronger. My own personal challenge will be to try a savory dish that uses cinnamon. Sweet seems almost too easy. That's my plan anyway - I can't promise that I won't get tempted by a sinful-looking cinnamon roll along the way...

I have thrown together a rough menu for this week. This keeps us to our strict budget - just about the only thing I needed to buy for this menu was fresh produce.

*Penne with Vodka Sauce + salad
*Fried Rice + Asparagus
*Shrimp Florentine + arugula salad
*Roast Chicken + stuffing + vegetable
*Wasabi and Panko Crusted-Pork with Gingered Soy Sauce + rice + veggie (I was excited to see this recipe in the new Cooking Light - it makes good use of my freezer/pantry items since I already have the wasabi paste, panko, pork and bottled ginger.) Pictured at right.....

I'll be back later tonight to present this week's roundup. It sure looks tasty!

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