Thursday, February 02, 2006

Kitchen Lull

But I'm sure it's only temporary!

The fridge was filling up with leftovers again, so I didn't cook anything new last night. I had planned a chicken-sweet potato dish for tonight, but my stomach feels a bit off and I didn't think that the spicy sausage in the dish would sit well. Instead, we'll be using up some bacon to make egg, cheese and bacon sandwiches. I don't know if that will be any better for my stomach, but it sure sounds better than spicy.

Wow! Lots of responses already for the VRC soup theme. If this keeps up, we can easily do a weekly round-up. I'm keeping it really easy - after all, the main point of this "club" is to share favorites. I also use it as an excuse to get into the kitchen and try something new and exciting, but that's certainly not necessary and you shouldn't feel obligated to share something new. I'm sorry if I'm confusing everyone by going from weekly to monthly and then being undecided, but it's a learn-as-you-go experience for me. I also tend to be a bit impulsive and dive into things before I've really thought them all the way through.....

Stay tuned tomorrow for something really pretty.......

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