Monday, January 02, 2006

Today's Recipes (1/2/06)

Photo from Martha Stewart
Gasp! A Martha Stewart recipe that uses the microwave? Is that legal over at MSO? I believe I read that Martha claims she doesn't even own a microwave, so I guess SHE'S not making this recipe at HER house. But I'm not Martha and this recipe looked too easy and too potentially yummy to not try. I was even able to find sole at the local grocery store. True, it was frozen, but it looked to be good quality and was in one of those vacuum sealed packages. Here in Indiana, most seafood comes previously frozen anyways. It was quite good, but I would add more horseradish and dijon next time. White wine added to the bottom of the dish before cooking would be nice too. Both the kids and the DH gobbled it up - always a plus.
I served this with brown basmati rice and broccoli (tossed with some of the sauce).
Although I wanted to do more baking today, I realized that I head back to work tomorrow and really needed to do something other than cook and blog. Darn. I did, however, manage to make some chicken stock. It's an easy thing to do, you just need to be around for a few hours to let it simmer. Our chicken carcass happened to be a storebought, roasted chicken with BBQ seasonings. I wasn't sure I should use a pre-seasoned carcass, but the stock turned out fine. I love having homemade chicken stock on hand, but one large pot of soup and you end up using most of what you just made. I guess I'll need to roast chickens more often or just by cheap parts used only for stock (like necks, etc.).

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  1. Just wanted to say Hi and Happy 2006! Your blog looks great!

    Oh and I had another MS recipe that called for use of the microwave. It was a salmon recipe from Everyday Foods. I refused to cook it in the micro, though.