Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Have you ever seen...

....a cashew in its shell?

I was reading this thread on Cooking Light and came upon this picture of a cashew:

It is quite bizarre-looking and had someone shown it to me and asked me to guess what it was, I'm quite sure I'd never have guessed a cashew!

Later in the thread, someone else provided this information:

From Fruit The true botanical fruit is a nut, about 1" long, shaped like a small boxing glove, hanging below a fleshy, swollen peduncle called the cashew apple or pseudofruit. The cashew apple resembles a pear in shape and size, is juicy, fibrous, and astringent tasting. It has thin skin of either yellow or light red color, and yellow flesh. Fruit are borne singly or in small clusters, and mature in 60-90 days. The nut develops first, followed by the rapid swelling of the cashew apple in the last few weeks.The nut shell has an inner and outer wall, separated by a honeycomb tissue infused with caustic oil. Cracking the nuts fresh results in the oil contaminating the kernel, so nuts are roasted to drive off oils before they are shelled. The nuts are about 22-30% kernel by weight, and kernels are difficult to extract whole compared to other tree nuts.

If you would like to read more about the cashew, it is listed on the World's Healthiest Foods website.

That's it for tonight. I had plans fix a healthful kale recipe to go with our burgers tonight, but I'm just dead-tired. I did manage to get green beans and roasted potatoes on the table, but that's about it.

Time to go watch Lost and then head to bed!


  1. Wow! I learned something new today! Thanks Savory!!

  2. I must have missed that thread. That is interesting, thanks for sharing.
    So what did you think of Mr. Eko last night?

  3. Hi Mona and Patti.

    I can't come up with anything to blog tonight, so may as well talk about Lost! :) I think Eko is a great character - very mysterious, very strong, and not easy to pinpoint either - not just a bad guy and certainly not just a good guy. The actor does a great job with the part too.