Thursday, January 05, 2006

Gourmet Sleuth

You have to love the internet. The answer to just about any question can be found, almost instantly. I use it when the name of an actor in some movie is on the tip of my tongue but I can't remember it and it's driving me crazy. I use it when I want to know the lyrics to a song I can't decipher. I use it when I want a phone number from the yellow pages, but I can't figure out what category they've decided to put a certain business under. Cooking is no exception. Not only can you find more recipes than you can ever make in several lifetimes, but you can find many other cooking resources.

Although I have a scale to help me with recipes that are written in grams (like Joe's Decadent Peanut Butter Cups), I like to have an idea of what that means in terms of cups, tablespoons, and ounces. Not only do I feel more comfortable with the familiar, it also helps me figure out if I have enough on hand to make that particular recipe.

While searching for conversions online, I stumbled upon Gourmet Sleuth. I know nothing about how reliable they are for ordering, etc., but I loved their Conversion Calculator. If you want to be even more accurate, they let you specify the food for an even more accurate conversion with their Cooking Conversions Calculator. Very handy.

I also like their Cooking Dictionary. It's somewhat like the Cook's Thesaurus. You type in a food and it will bring up a picture (if available), a definition, a substitution (if possible), nutritional info (not for every item) and related recipes.

I am definitely looking forward to exploring this site some more....very detailed and very informative.

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